Christmas Decorations House Tour

Christmas is my favorite holiday! If only I could keep up the greens all year long. I love how my mom decorated their house this year and she was gracious enough to let me take pictures and post them on my blog (thanks mom!). I get a lot of my crafting inspiration from my mom. We have a Christmas tree up at our house and a few small festive decorations similar to last year, but my parent’s house looked too beautiful not to share.

I hope you enjoy this Christmas Decorations House Tour.

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Cutting down our Christmas tree.This was Izzy’s first time cutting down a Christmas tree. She was so excited and loved running up and down the rows of trees. 

Our Christmas tree and other festive Christmas decorations.

Here is a picture of our decorated tree. Our wedding was in December and each guest brought a Christmas ornament to our wedding. We love going through all of the ornaments each year and remembering all the wonderful family and friends in our lives. 

Simple and affordable Christmas decorations. Add mini candle wreaths to light fixture!

My parents have a beautiful breakfast nook in their house. How great does the light fixture look? She bought mini candle wreaths from Michaels and placed one around each light. It adds such a soft festive touch. 

Simple and affordable Christmas decorations. Add mini candle wreaths to light fixture!

Bring in live greens from outside for a simple Christmas decoration. This glass bottle and wire tray set from home decorators is beautiful all year round. Simply change out the branches with greenery from your yard as the seasons change.

Add greens from your yard to your Christmas decorations this year.

I also love the greens she added to her orange and lemon bowl. It’s another easy way to add festive touches to your home.

Add greens to your fruit bowl for a simple Christmas decoration.

Last but not least Christmas chalkboard art using chalk ink markers. The vase next to the chalkboard has branches from my parents yard. My mom spray painted them white and added festive glitter starts from the dollar store. Can’t get any easier than that!

Joy to the World Chalkboard Art

What is your favorite Christmas decoration this year?

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