5 Lessons in Parenting

When I was younger I kept a journal because I loved looking back and reflecting on all that happened in my life. That is one of my favorite things about Heart of Deborah. I get to share my journey through life as a daughter, wife and mother with you and I love looking back to see how our family has grown. 2015 was a busy year! We moved, welcomed IJ and potty trained Izzy.

Today I want to share my top 5 parenting posts from 2015. These are the most popular posts and the ones you liked the best!

1. Caring For Your Sick Baby {Pin for later }

Natural remedies for your sick baby. How to deal with your baby's first cold.

2. Sample Baby Schedule: 8 Months Old {Pin for later}

Sample Baby sleep schedule 8 months

3. Praying With a Two Year Old {Pin for later}

Praying with a two year old is easy and fun. It's a great practice to start when your kids are young. You will be amazed at what they come up with.

4. Sometimes Babies Cry and It’s Okay {Pin for later}

Sometimes babies cry for no reason and it's okay!

5. Why I am a Stay at Home Mom {Pin for later}

Why I Am a Stay At Home Mom

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I love connecting with other mothers and I believe there is value in learning from other’s experiences. To read some of the best parenting advice from 2015 check out this series hosted by The Jenny Evolution.

This Year Best Parenting Tips

What lessons in parenting did you learn this year?

Parenthood is tough! Here are my top 5 parenting posts from 2015.

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  1. Great idea to offer up an actual schedule with an infant! I’m a firm believer of schedules but often new moms haven’t figured out that sometimes a scheduling can be freeing because it helps take some of the stress away of going on the fly.

    Thanks for participating in the Top Parenting Tips series on The Jenny Evolution!

    Jennifer @ The Jenny Evolution

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