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Turn Your Words Into Gold – Love & Logic


love and logic, turn your words into gold

I LOVE Love & Logic!  Have you ever heard of it?  They have resources for parents and teachers on raising responsible kids.  I did a presentation in my previous school based on Love & Logic principles and the benefits of using it in the classroom.  I created this document as a handout based on Love & Logic’s best strategies.  To download this free handout click here.  I have used these practices in my professional life and I will most definitely use them with Izzy.  I found them to work and help boost kids sense of control and self-esteem.

Creating Enforceable Limits for Your Children
Fay, J. & Fay C. (2000). Favorite strategies from the folks at love and logic: Powerful yet caring tools for educators and parents. Colorado: Love and Logic Institute



Why I love it:

  • Essentially as a parent (or teacher) you are going to live your life a certain way and your children (or students) can choose to live their lives how they want in the structure that you as the parent (or teacher) provide.    
  • It also helps children feel in control.  By allowing them to make some choices (the choices should always be things you are okay with rather than an option you want and an impossible or negative option) you allow them to feel like that have some control over their lives.
  • Consequences are applied with empathy.  When children face consequences from an angry, threatening adult they tend to concentrate on the adult’s negative emotions rather than their own inappropriate actions.

Have you heard of Love and Logic?  Do you use any of their principles? What have your results been with the methods?

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this post. I have been looking for a good parenting book. There are just so many choices; I didn’t know where to start. I have heard great things about Love and Logic, and this post solidified that I need to read it. 🙂 My little guy is almost 2, and he is really starting to assert with little personality. And thanks for the free printable. 🙂

  2. Love and Logic is SO GREAT! Even though I’m not a parent yet, I use this at school all the time and it literally works miracles with students. I think reading the book every now and then as a refresher is always good too, because sometimes you slip back into old habits!

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