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Lessons in Motherhood – Stop & Look at ME

Most mornings I go into Izzy’s room and find her smiling ear to ear.  It’s a beautiful and heartwarming thing to see her smile when I call her name.  I usually stop and talk to her before I take her out of her crib.  For I know as soon as I get her out and start walking around the house she will begin wiggling and squirming.  She is becoming more curious and loves taking in her surroundings.

lessons in motherhood
Izzy was busy looking at the fan 🙂
For whatever reason this morning I wanted her to look at me as I was talking to her and walking downstairs.  But she was too busy arching her back and turning her head from side to side to look around.  
This got me thinking.  I’m sure God feels the same way.  He LOVES when we take time and look at his face.  When we stop and spend time in his presence.  But we are often so busy and curious about our world that we forget to do this.  I love when God shares with me these types of parallels.  It gives me a greater understanding of his love and it makes me smile 🙂
Praying you are blessed by spending time in his presence today. God also showed me a parallel between baby growth spurts and spiritual growth spurts – check it out.

What lessons in motherhood have you learned recently?


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